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How we do it?

● Free valuation

One of our consultants will arrange to meet you at your property to carry out a free valuation and introduce you to our services to begin the sales process. We will make a photographic report to include in our website and the major internet property portals - always with your permission of course.

● Market Analysis and selection of candidates

We then match the profile and location of your property with previously selected customers who are looking for properties with similar characteristics. We have a unique database of 22,000 potential buyers that we update daily.

● Media Publication and commercial activities

We also invest heavily in marketing and advertising to help find your buyer - we rent permanent publication space for all the properties we manage, in all the major print media and online property portals, as well as specialized real estate publications.

We invest in a marketing budget to drive potential buyers to our website, via links on major search engines and digital advertising.

Main Media:
idealista.com                                      http://www.idealista.com/pro/p00001307
Idealistic exclusive Spaces:
Salamanca-Goya                                http://www.idealista.com/venta-viviendas/madrid/salamanca/goya/filtros
Salamanca-Recoletos                         http://www.idealista.com/venta-viviendas/madrid/salamanca/recoletos/filtros
Salamanca-Castellana                        http://www.idealista.com/venta-viviendas/madrid/salamanca/castellana/filtros
Pisos.com                                         http://www.pisos.com/venta/pisos-goya/
Fotocasa.com                                    http://www.unicainmobiliaria.fotocasa.es/
Habitat.24.com                                   http://www.habitat24.com/inmobiliaria-unica_inmobiliaria/

We also engage in specific advertising and direct marketing actions, such as Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Street Marketing, etc.

● Coordination of visits with potential buyers

We will provide an overview of your property to interested parties and then make arrangements for viewings of your property, always at your convenience and within a timetable that you have specified.

● Confirmation of intent to purchase and the deposit

Once the buyer has confirmed their intent to buy your property and submitted a written purchase offer, you will be notified. If you accept the offer, it will then be formalized with the buyer making a deposit payment.

● Deposit Agreement Signing

Once the price and terms of purchase have been agreed, we will draw up the Deposit Agreement to be signed by both parties at our offices. The ENTIRE amount paid in deposit shall be received by the property owner. Unica will only assess their Professional fees once you have signed the deed of sale before a Notary.

● Deed of Sale

We will coordinate the signing of the public deed before the Notary, where the previously agreed payment and purchase deeds will be formalized.

● Legal Supervision

Throughout the process we will be on hand to advise on all the legal issues arising directly from the operation, such as taxes, fees, documents, etc.

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